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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Evanston Public Art Project Geocommunetrics

Traveling downtown? Check out Evanston’s latest public art installation, “Geocommunetrics: An Intersection of Evanstons,” on the corner of Davis St. and Oak Ave. The art display pays tribute to the three Evanston zip codes: 60201, 60202 and 60203.

Free Day of the Dead Concert this Sunday

Enjoy a free "Day of the Dead" concert with Sones de Mexico Ensemble on Sun., Oct. 26, 4 p.m., at the Levy Center! The event will also feature interactive arts stations where families can create ofrendas, and a costume parade for all ages.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Evanston offers free bike lights

From City of Evanston website:

In an effort to promote bicycle safety in Evanston, on Thursday, October 30, the City of Evanston will hold the “Pedal Bright” Bike Light Giveaway and Installation event.

The exciting initiative will provide bicycle safety information and help cyclists increase the visibility of their bikes as the days get shorter during the fall and winter months. Teams of volunteers will install 400 free bicycle lights, distribute city bike maps, and provide a quick tutorial on the rules of the road for bicyclists. Bicycle lights will be installed on Thursday, October 30, from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m., at two Evanston locations:
  • Robert Crown Center, 1701 Main St. 
  • The Weber Arch at Northwestern University, Chicago Ave. and Sheridan Rd.
The morning and afternoon hours are often peak times for bicycle traffic on local roadways. Later sunrises and earlier sunsets make visibility especially important for bicycle commuters and recreational cyclists alike. Bicyclists in need of lights are encouraged to have a light installed at one of the locations. Lights will only be installed on bicycles without lights; lights will not be handed out to individuals without bikes.

Illinois law requires that every bicycle when in use at nighttime be equipped with a front lamp capable of emitting a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet, and a red reflector on the rear visible from 100 to 600 feet. A lamp emitting a red light visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear may be used in addition to a red reflector.

This event is sponsored by the City of Evanston, Northwestern University, the Evanston Bike Club, Wheel & Sprocket, Downtown Evanston, Active Transportation Alliance, Roycemore School and The Illinois Bicycle Lawyers at Keating Law Offices.

For more information about the event, please contact Cindy Plante at 847-448-4311 or

Friday, October 17, 2014

Edzo’s owner Eddie Lakin Wins Life Changer Award

Evanston’s Curt’s Cafe will honor Edzo’s owner Eddie Lakin with Curt’s Cafe’s first “Life Changer Award” at it’s Second Annual Gratitude Bash on Saturday, November 1 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Northwestern University’s Alice Millar Chapel.
Lakin is being honored for his commitment to hiring Curt’s “graduates” to work in his popular burger joint and giving them a chance to change their lives. Lakin currently has five Curt’s grads on his payroll.
Several months ago, Curt’s Cafe founder Susan Trieschmann and Edzo’s owner Lakin met for the first time when they and some of their staff members found themselves at side-by-side booths prepping and peddling their respective culinary creations at a fundraiser for the Center for Independent Futures. On November 1, Curt’s Cafe, and Evanston Cafe that provides job and life-skills training to at-risk youth will honor Lakin of mouth-watering burgers, fries and shakes fame, for his strong support of Curt’s at its second annual Gratitude Bash at the Alice Millar Chapel in Evanston.
According to Trieschmann, whose two-year-old Evanston cafe provides job and life-skills training to at-risk youth, “Eddie stood next to us all day watching our students make food and interact with customers. Last December, we approached him at Edzo’s about hiring some of our students and he and his manager were willing to give our guys a shot. Edzo’s had just started staying open for dinner, and they hired our Justin, Cliff, and Tevin at the same time.” The three Curt’s graduates are still there along with two more Curt’s hires. And that’s a win-win for Curt’s and for Edzo’s.
Visit Curt’s Cafe on any given day between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. and you will find it packed with patrons—some communing with a computer and a cappuccino, others chatting and knitting on the comfy couches, and still others eyeing the displayed artwork while ordering Curt’s famous “green drink,” or a muffin, salad, soup or sandwich. People come for the food and friendly atmosphere.
But their visits mean a lot more to the 15- to 22-year-olds who cook, clean, bake, serve and staff the cafe. That’s because Curt’s, which Treischmann opened on Central Street in 2012, is first and foremost a job-training program where youth who have been incarcerated or who are at risk of incarceration gain restaurant and life skills—along with huge doses of love and support from Treischmann and a large number of intrepid and committed volunteers. Curt’s enrolls four or five students at a time who train for about three months, and are then helped with job placement and the transition into full-time employment. To date, Curt’s Cafe has “graduated” 32 young people, and has a waiting list far longer than the Cafe’s capacity.

For tickets to the Gratitude Bash, or to donate to Curt’s, go to

artruck returns Oct. 18

artruck is coming back for the 7th time! Saturday, October 18th, 7pm - 10pm, folks will gather around and inside of two UHaul trucks to look at art and talk on the 1100 block of Ashland in Evanston.

For more information, visit or visit the artruck Facebook page.
See below for list of artists who's works will be on display:

Artist Listing

Here are the participating artists in artruck on October 2014. Come by and see their work!

  • Carol Bobrow
    Cie Bond
    Julie Cowan
    Matthew Cummins
    Jack Demuth
    Susan Dickman
    Joyce Elias
    Dave Ford
    Charlie Friedlander
    Bill Friedman
    Greg Gavelek
    Brad Gibbs
    Mary Graham
    Tom Graham
    Doug Haight
    Sophie Haight
    Lea Basile Lazarus
    Steve Leith
    Gerry Macsai
    John Macsai
    Joerg Metzner
    Katherine Metzner
    Terri Michaels
    Patti Montgomery
    Leslie J. Riley
    Gay Riseborough
    Marla Seibold
    Sean Steward
    Jean Vansickle

This Saturday, Downtown Evanston Walking Tour

Discover Evanston’s Notable Places!

A walking tour of notable Evanston places has been planned by Design Evanston for this fall. The places on the tour are featured in the book, “Evanston: 150 Years 150 Places” published by Design Evanston in 2013. Books ($15 cash/check) will be available for purchase at the end of the tour. The tour will last approximately 1.5 hours and will be led by authors of the book. Leaders will lead the group back to the start.

Light refreshments will be provided at the end of each tour. Reservations are required by contacting Tours are limited to 20 people.

Day/Date/Time: Saturday, October 18, 10am Start: Fountain Square Leader: Kris Hartzell Tour Length: 2 miles Parking: Sherman Plaza Garage Restroom: Public Library Fee: $20 (cash/check)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meet Evanston Artists at Open Studios Evanston


We're thrilled to have maps available for another Open Studios Evanston! Print this one here (it looks best 11x17), pick one up at Creative Corworking at 922 Davis Street or view it on your phone. You've got 4 hours to hit as many studios, galleries, boutiques, etc. as possible. Do your homework and see who is showing, the full list is below, then map out your time wisely. 

Also the day is filled with special events, all free, and some include art making fun. Start your day at the public art making event on the corner of Davis & Oak and go from there! Click here for a full list of events.

And lastly, try and walk away with art by purchasing or commissioning a work by an Evanston artist. 

Below is the alphabetical list of participating artists, galleries, boutiques, arts orgs & more...


Beth Adler, 1125 Florence Ave.,
Pat Armato, 600 Hartrey Ave.,
Kevin Avick, 1042 Wesley Ave.

Raissa Bailey, 922 Davis St.
Ann Baker, 2502 Park Place.,
Ruth Ann Begelman, 927 Noyes Ave.
Florin Berca, 1401 Lincoln St.
Patricia Biesen, 922 Davis St.
Jill Brazel, 725 Washington Ave.,

Jane Carney, 708 Church Street #227,
Colleen Conley, 1042 Wesley Ave.,
Julie Cowan, 1209 Maple Ave.,
Rory Coyne, 707 Chicago Ave.,
Lauren Levato Coyne, 707 Chicago Ave.,
Susan Curry, 1601 Payne St.,

Mark DeBernardi, 922 Davis St.
Melanie Deal, 922 Davis St.
Aydin Dincer, 1921 Central St.,

Joyce Elias, 1210 Sherman Ave.,
Clark Ellithorpe, 1042 Wesley Ave.

Vanessa Filley, 1126 Main St.,

Judith Freilich, 1042 Wesley Ave.

Sheila Ganch, 927 Noyes Ave.,
Larry Geni, 922 Davis St.
Ted Glasoe, 600 Davis St., 2nd Fl.,
Tom Graham, 1209 Lee St.,
Marla Gunderson, 2148 Asbury Ave.

Carol Hammerman, 1119 Hinman Ave.,
Dustin Harris, 1042 Wesley Ave.
Justin Hart, 1601 Payne St.,
Chris Heisinger, 922 Davis St.,

Jessica Jacobs, 1707 Central St.,
Fran Joy, 2527 Jackson Ave.,1E,

Fay Kaiser, Voice Studio, 927 Noyes St.
Bonnie Katz, 922 Davis St.
Ausrine Kerr, 1123 Florence Ave.,
Jill King-Wynn, 1402 ½ Greenleaf Ave.,
Emily Klik, 600 Hartrey Ave.
Preston Klik, 600 Hartrey Ave.,
Jack Kraig, 1532 Crain St.,
Joanna Kramer, 1601 Payne St.,

Lea Basile Lazarus, 1209 Maple Ave.,
Erdmut Lerner, 2733 Thayer St.,
Stephen Lloyd, 922 Davis St.

LP Lundy, 922 Davis St.
Mark McMahon, 1810 Central St.
Alyce McQueen, 600 Hartrey Ave.,
Michelle Mallin, 922 Davis St.
Ross Martens, 1712 Sherman Ave. #2,
Maggie Meiners, 1610 Payne St.,
Donovan Mixon, 1042 Wesley Ave.

Darren Oberto, 1712 Rear 2 Sherman Ave.,
Sheila Oettinger, 927 Noyes Ave.,

Sara Piepmeier, 927 Noyes Ave.
Joanna Pinsky, 1042 Wesley Ave.,
Lea Pinsky, 1042 Wesley Ave.,
Adriana Poterash, 1601 Payne St.,
Layna Portugal, 912 Michigan Ave.,
Jennifer Presant, 927 Noyes Ave.,

Joanne Ramseyer, 912 Sherman Ave.
Joann Rea, 927 Noyes Ave.,
Peggie Robinson, 1042 Wesley Ave. 
Nadine 'Yadi' Royster, 1031 Ridge Court

Matthew J. Schaefer, 1004 Ashland Ave.,
Bridgette Schneider, 922 Davis St.,
Ray Schooley, 1601 Payne St.
Barbara Seyfried, 922 Davis St.
Dana Shearin, 1601 Payne St,
Lindsay Sherman, 1601 Payne St.,
Laura Allen-Simpson, 922 Davis St.
Jane Sisco, 1234 Sherman Ave., 
Donna Spencer, 1310 1/2B Chicago Ave.,
Lindy Stockton, 1402 ½ Greenleaf Ave.

Joe Taylor, 1217 Church St.,
Emily Testa, 1601 Payne St.
Diane Thodos, 600 Hartrey Ave.,

David Velasco, 1310 1/2B Chicago Ave.,

Jon Weiss, 1601 Payne St.
Amy O. Woodbury, 1127 Florence Ave.,
Jerry Woods, 922 Davis St.,

Galleries & More

Adiana Strings, 636 Church Street,
Adler George Studio, 1125 Florence Ave.,
Alley Gallery, 1712 Sherman Ave. #2,
Artist Seeds a Studio Workshop,
Ausrine's Art Room, 1123 Florence Ave.,
Black Top Gallery, 1031 Ridge Court
Blue Lotus Studio, 912 Sherman Ave.,
Botti Studio, 919 Grove St.,
Creative Coworking, 922 Davis St.,
Dance Center Evanston, 1934 Dempster St.,
etc. Music School, 927 Noyes St.,
Galleria in Evanston, 1627 Sherman Ave.,
Gather, 602 Davis St.,
Jill King Studio & Artist Seeds, 1402-1/2 Greenleaf Ave.,
Midwest Clay Guild, 1601 Payne St.,
Mill Creek Miniatures, 1127 Florence Ave.
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St.
Open Studio Project, 903 Sherman Ave,.
Sidetracked Studio, 707 Chicago Ave.,
Space 900, 1042 Wesley Ave.,
Stumble & Relish, 1310 1/2 A Chicago Ave., www.
The Pot Shop, 1224 Chicago Ave.,